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We, at Axis London, are highly reliable and well-trained SRA regulated immigration specialists. We offer our finest services covering consultancy sessions, application support, and guidance for all matters pertaining to UKVI. With years of training and experience, we provide practical solutions for the range of UK immigration matters which are in line with the Home Office preferences and policies. Our services are operative across the major cities in the UK, including the Axis London branch. Our lawyers in the London office deal with various immigration visa categories - from the standard visa applications to extensions, settlement in the UK, visa refusals, appeals, judicial reviews, etc. You can explore our premium immigration services through social media / telephonic conversation / online-query / in-person catering. We are always looking forward to guiding you.

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Our Immigration Services in London

Our London office can offer you personalized consultancy, either through zoom meetings/in-person/telephonic conversation, whichever is most convenient for you. We also arrange the appointments at the schedule that is most flexible and appropriate for you. Our SRA-accredited and highly qualified Immigration experts in Axis London make it their sole responsibility in making sure of a successful visa application submission and ultimately a positive response from the Home Office. When you seek out our legal assistance, we will assign you one of our dedicated immigration lawyer who will carefully monitor your case per your situation / circumstances and thoroughly guide you with regards to your application - how to apply, how to prove and meet your eligibility requirements, and what should you do next.

At the end of the day, we guarantee that you are left with no confusion concerning your immigration status. Will take the responsibility of preparing, submitting, and keeping a strong track of the visa application on your behalf so you can get a positive decision from the Home office. We offer our services in the following major UK immigration categories:

  • Spouse, FiancĂ© and Family Visas
  • Visitor and Work Visas
  • Corporate Immigration
  • British Citizenship
  • Leave to remain (ILR)
  • Indefinite Leave to remain / Settlement

Why should you Hire Axis London Immigration Solicitors?

With the strict and tightly regulated UKVI rules and regulations especially for non-EEA nationals, it is not always easy to get positive approval from the Home office right after you submit your initial visa application. Whether it's a marriage visa, study visa, work, visitor visa or even a family visa; visiting the local embassy centre for the lodging of your application could be a very exasperating and laborious experience for you. With all your tireless efforts, you are still afraid of being rejected for instance if you lack sufficient evidence or have made a genuine application error. To avoid such frustrations, many end up seeking legal assistance, which is practically a logical step to save you time and energy. Above all, you are granted this certainty that not only a correct visa application submission is being made, but you are likely to get a visa grant from the Home Office. To avoid such a juggling hassle, our London Axis immigration experts can offer you customized support and guidance per your situation and will even jargon with you in a friendly and professional fashion from the beginning till the very end until you are given a positive response with a visa grant.

Under the different visa routes (study / business / work/ family & partner visas), the eligibility requirements may vary greatly and you might be required to submit additional documentary proof. Failing to do would put your application in jeopardy of getting refused and overturned by the Home Office.

Can a London immigration solicitor help me to visit the UK?

If you are planning to come to the UK for various purposeful activities i.e. leisure and tourism, business conference, training workshops, visit family/friends, etc, then you should apply for a UK visitor visa. With this visa, you stay in the UK for a period of 6-months. As with any other immigration route, the UKVI rules and regulations are very strict and depending on your circumstances you may need to qualify and meet some additional eligibility requirements. This can be a very tedious and time taking journey having to source and compile together a portfolio that might get revoked/refused by the Home Office should you make any mistake/lack sufficient evidence. It is, therefore, always recommended and advisable to seek immigration assistance well before the approaching deadlines.

We have an excellent success rate with Visitor visa application. Contact us at 020 7550 6166 to disucss your application with our solicitors.

What should I do If need urgent legal assistance in London?

If your visa application deadline is approaching near or any forefront plans are awaiting for you in the UK; be it any immigration application like entry clearance, visa renewal, settlement, or British citizenship, etc. you might plan to pursue urgent legal assistance. Be sure to note that under each immigration category, the eligibility requirements and qualifying conditions will significantly differ. It would be ideal to seek immediate legal guidance to expedite your visa processing. Our time-efficient and dedicated team in London can offer you customized fast-track priority services in an effort to get you a timely and positive response from the Home office. However, please keep in mind, the application processing time will differ based on your visa category and the complexity of your case.

If I'm not residing in London city, can I still hire our London based Immigration Lawyers?

Yes, you can! We not only offer in-office facilities but can also provide you through guidance remotely through online operations. Our remote/ online service package is ideal in situations when you are living outside the UK. Even when you living within the UK but in another city other than the London capital, you can avail of our services with no compromise on the quality. Please seek online advice any time through any convenient platform i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, Telephone, etc - that suits you best.

Can Axis Solicitors help me apply for the UK business Visa?

Are you a highly skilled business professional, looking to expand or start a new venture in the UK? Have you received an endorsement/certificate of sponsorship (CoS) from an approved endorsing body and have your business proposal approved from UK based Employer? If the answer to all these questions is yes!, then you should apply for UK business visa. However, under this immigration category, there are various subcategories such as Tier 1 (Innovator, Investor and Start-up visa), representative of an oversees business visa, T5 temporary business visa, etc. Many applicants end up applying for the wrong business subcategory which is one of the reasons for their visa rejections. Whether you plan to pursue long-term or short-term business activities, our highly qualified, SRA-regulated Immigration team is always here to help you through the process.

Get in touch with us and we will assign you one of our best immigration experts who can critically assess the eligibility criteria before preparing a sound application portfolio and applying for the correct business visa route that fits your qualification/skill-sets.

Does Axis London offer support for Marriage Visa applications?

Yes! If you are a foreign spouse (husband or wife) willing to join your partner who has either a pre-settled status or a settled status in the UK, applying for a spouse/marriage visa is the preferred immigration route for you.

The rejection rate for the spouse visa application is one of the highest among the other Immigration routes. The most common reasons for such refusals are often-times failing to satisfy the genuine relationship criteria. Our specialists at Axis London are well-versed with spousal visa requirements and policies. Before working on your application draft, our spousal visa specialists in London will initially probe your case extensively and look for evidence to boost the merits of your application so that it is successfully submitted and approved with minimal chances of dismissal.

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